There are lots of clever and low-budget ways to decorate your rental’s exterior space, be it the garden, balcony, terrace or courtyard. You can custom paint flower pots, add a floor mat, make poufs out of rope… or even add atmospheric lighting. The best part is that adding poetic lighting doesn’t have to break the bank. Indeed, you can create luminous lanterns, to place or suspend, with simple metal cans. A quick and easy DIY project, here’s the proof…


DIY Steps…

DIY steps for home-made lanternsTête d’ange


1. Collect several cans, making sure they are not dented. Remove any labels and clean any glue residue off.  


2. Using a marker, draw the desired patterns on the cans. These lines will then serve as a guide for drilling.


3. Stuff the can with a towel or cloth to prevent it from deforming and drill holes at regular intervals on the lines, using a small drill bit.


 4. Remember to drill two additional holes on the sides if you want to make a handle to hang the lanterns. This handle can be easily made with wire.


5. Now it’s time to decorate. Using spray paint, cover the can with the colour of your choice.


That's it! All that remains is to add a tea light, paraffin or LED candle in the bottom of each lantern to illuminate your exterior like thousands of fireflies!

DIY lanterns for outdoor spaceTête d’ange 


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