As Christmas approaches, one of the pleasures is to decorate your home. To give your rental a festive touch to start the season off right, why not hang a Christmas wreath. This crown originated in Germany where it was invented in the 16th century to keep the children waiting until Christmas. Coming from the Christian tradition, it consists of fir branches, holly, laurel, and pine cones ... and has four candles. But this symbol of the before Christmas is today revisited and very often personalized. There are many different DIY projects to be found online with step by step instructions on how to create your own original Christmas wreath. Discover now how to make a crown with Christmas tree balls, quickly easily, and most importantly it’s incredibly budget friendly!

Homemade christmas wreathFabrice Demessence


A homemade Christmas wreath

Steps for a homemade christmas wreathPar Karine Thiboult ; photo Fabrice Demessence


Step 1: On a panel of cardboard, draw an initial circle, 40 cm of diameter for example, then inside that circle trace a second circle of 32 cm. Cut out the centre.


Step 2: It is then a question of decorating this circle which will be used as background to the wreath. You can paint it, glue wrapping paper or wallpaper, or even wrap some wool around it.


Step 3: Get a selection of different sized Christmas balls and imagine assembling the colours to create visual harmony. Start by gluing the biggest balls onto the cardboard and continue the composition with smaller balls that you can bind to the others with spots of glue.


Step 4: Finish decorating the crown by adding some natural elements such as leaves, and attach a clip to the back of the crown so that it can be suspended.


You can also create an Advent wreath with polystyrene balls wrapped in wool, a guaranteed cocooning effect!

Christmas wreath with polystyrene ballsFabrice Demessence / Fée du tricot


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