When guests walk up to your doorstep, the first thing they see is your doormat. Also, why not have a little fun customizing it so that it reflects your personality or your place’s interior? Buy a basic coco fiber doormat, you’ll easily find one in a craft store for under 10 dollars. Get some satin acrylic paint, preferably in spray form to make your job easier. Paint bottles and brushes are better suited to smaller designs. Pick out as many colors as you want to make your very own personalized doormat.


  • Step 1: Pick a design. You can buy ready-made stencils, but you can also print out designs and letters from the internet. If you’re a creative type, let your imagination run free!


  • Step 2: Place the stencils on your doormat, you can tape or pin them down.


  • Step 3: Place your doormat outside or in a well-ventilated room and use the spray paint by following the instructions on the packaging very closely. The spray allows you to paint your mat more uniformly. Add a second layer if necessary. If you decided on a design with small details, you should use a paintbrush.


  • Step 4: Let it dry for a whole night. The paint might fade a bit with time, so feel free to go over it with another coat.

Customized doormat, Home Sweet Home© buttinette.com

Customized doormat, with owls© buttinette.com


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