When the outside temperature reaches single digits, it feels nice to be in the comfort and warmth of your home, wrapped up in a plaid blanket, a hot cup of tea warming your hands, watching the snowflakes gently fall down. The only problem is that the snow hardly graces us with its presence! Solve this problem by decorating your windows using this unique, quick and easy idea that also happens to be low budget.

Buy white adhesive felt pads, the same ones that you place underneath the legs of chairs and furniture to prevent scratching (the set of 20 FIXA floor protectors from Ikea are 1.99$, for example), and stick them on the windows in various sizes. Other method: cut circles out of adhesive vinyl. This cocooning DIY decoration will set your place apart and will impress your Airbnb & co guests.

Decorative white snowflakes on the window© Ikea


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