A towel dryer is an undeniable way to add comfort to a bathroom. If you’re thinking about installing one in your rental, know that there are different criteria to take into account. Even though the design is often the deciding factor, towel dryers still need to meet the needs and constraints of the room they’ll be in. Follow these tips to help you choose a suitable model. Purchasing guide…

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Which type of heating system?

The first step is to identify which type of heating system you’ll be using. For example, if your home has central heating, you will be able to connect the towel dryer directly to this heat source. In this case, you will have the choice between a water-based towel dryer and a mixed-system towel dryer.

  • A water-based towel dryer is connected to the central installation and therefore operates at no extra hot water cost when the system is running. Its disadvantage is that it can’t heat during the off-season or in the summer if needed.
  • The mixed-system towel dryer is also connected to the central heating, but it has the advantage of switching to electric mode to provide additional heating if necessary. However, be aware that this model is more expensive to purchase than a water-based towel dryer.
  • If your home does not have central heating, then you will have to choose an electric model that operates autonomously when connected to the mains. In this case, just be wary of energy consumption.


Should a towel dryer dry towels and/or heat the room?

The question to ask yourself is whether the towel dryer will only be used to dry towels or will it also be used to heat the bathroom? If your bathroom already has a radiator or other heating source, you can choose a fan-less model. On the other hand, if the source of heat depends on the towel dryer, then opt for a product with a radiator blower. It will increase the temperature of the room in just a few minutes. Additionally, electric models are often equipped with a programmable room thermostat.


How much power does a towel dryer need?

The power of an electric or mixed-system towel dryer depends on the surface area of the room. To choose the model, calculate 100 Watts per square meter to which you will add 30% to compensate for the heat loss from the towels on the device. This mean 1m2 = 130W. If the bathroom is more than 15m2, you can put two heated towel rails or a towel dryer and another heat supply. Towel dryers with a heated fan indicate two powers, the first being the blower (1000W) and the second the towel dryer (500 to 1500W).


Which towel dryer design?

The most popular model on the market is the wall-mounted towel dryer, which, as the name suggest is fixed to the bathroom wall. However there are options for pivoting electrical or mixed-system towel dryers. They open laterally to the left or right making it easy to hang towels to dry. To heat towels more quickly, flat blade models are preferable to rounded tubes. Their width can be variable to fit all styles. In addition, these days there are many colours to choose from when it comes to towel dryers, such as chrome for example, making it easy to harmonize with your bathroom or W/C’s decorative style.


What material should you choose for your towel dryer?

The cheapest towel dryer on the market is steel. Aluminium models are of higher quality, and have the advantage of heating up more quickly as well. High-end products are made of stainless steel, which also heat quickly and don’t rust or stain.


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