If the headboard was originally designed to protect us from the cold of the wall, it has undoubtedly become a major decorative element in today’s bedroom. Thanks to its plurality of styles, headboards can adapt to any chosen ambiance. Baroque, contemporary, oriental, design, Scandinavian ... the headboard evokes the soul of your place of rest. Thanks to the numerous DIY instructions circulating on the internet, creating a unique backsplash for your bed is easy. You can also upcycle an existing piece into a headboard or buy one commercially. Whichever route you decide to take, it is important to choose your bed head as carefully as you would do it for the bedding. There are several elements that need to be taken into account, including the size, shape, coating and finishing touches. Here’s a breakdown to help you out…

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What size for the headboard?

The essential element here is of course the bed and since beds come in different sizes, from 90 to 200 cm wide, headboards are also available in several sizes. You can play with size by getting a headboard that is the exact dimensions of you bed, or, one that exceeds the edges of the bed by a few centimetres on each side. This style brings a touch of elegance to the room. For a designer feel opt for an XL model that voluntarily overflows and integrates into the bedside tables with extra lighting. Generally speaking headboards are rectangular or square but certain manufacturers also offer rounded lines that evoke the art deco era.

Now, it's about determining the ideal height of the headboard. In the calculation, do not forget to take into account the legs, the boxset and the mattress. To be able to sit comfortably against the headboard in bed plan for at least 50 to 75 centimetres above the mattress. Everything is relative, the higher your bedroom’s ceilings the higher the headboard can be. However, to maintain a visual balance, make sure that the size of the headboard from the ground does not reach more than 190-200 cm, the traditional length of a bed. Conversely, don’t install a headboard that’s too low, especially if you like having multiple large pillows and cushions on the bed, they’ll just end up hiding it. Note that the size of the headboard may be imposed on you by fixed elements in the room (such as electrical outlets, wall sconces or wall mounted shelves) that cannot be easily moved.

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What type of upholstery?

The type of upholstery you use on your headboard will affect the mood of the room. Many floor models are fabric covered, using materials such as cotton, linen, or velvet. Wooden models, especially untreated wood are very popular, as are backdrops using leather or imitation leather, tinted or aged for a retro effect.

The reason fabric covered headboards are often the go to choice is thanks to their adaptability. The variety of colours, textures and designs is essentially unlimited. Another important benefit is maintenance; more and more models offer removable covers for easy washing.

If the fabric backsplashes are most often preferred, it is for the variety of colours available to customize the headboard. Another important benefit is the maintenance of the fabric; more and more headboards offer removable covers for easy washing. Because remember, just like the bedding, the headboard needs to be regularly cleaned.

The choice of materials for the cover will of course impact your sleeping space’s atmosphere. Fabric can create a cosy, comforting feel. Velvet will exude a felted and chic ambiance and leather gives off a warm and sophisticated vibe. You can match the bed linen and curtains to the colour or material effect of the headboard to create a stylish harmony, or mix and match to reinforce the cocooning spirit of the bedroom.


What kind of finishing touches?

While headboards don’t have integrated storage, they are usually made of a wood panel, plywood or solid wood, which will have a fleece or cotton padding that’s then covered with a material of choice. The padded headboard is by far the most popular and this comes as no surprise. King of comfort this style is perfect for people who like to read or watch TV in bed. The quilting can be smooth, made with rhombic stitching, or it can be reflective of the room’s upholstery. Another advantage of this style is that it is highly customizable and you can choose any fabric with any array of colours, floral or geometric patterns etc. For a more upscale finish the quilted headboard can be padded as well. It is then adorned with carefully outlined upholstery nails. This type of finish works wonderfully with rooms evoking styles

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In your rental, the headboard will bring the final touch to the room’s décor. For easy maintenance opt for a fabric upholstery cover, preferably cotton, that is removable for easy laundering.


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