Initially made for workshops to store tools, it turns out that perforated panels look really good in home interiors to store your day-to-day items. Kitchen utensils, jewelry, picture frames, beauty products, plants, books… they all fit onto these hardboard panels using hooks, screws, clasps, baskets or even pots. So naturally, these panels will prove useful in your seasonal rental. They’re practical because they can adapt to your needs and will help you organize your things and make your place easier to navigate for your guests. They’re super easy to install, you can hang them on an empty wall space, on top of some furniture or in a cupboard and they also happen to be inexpensive. You can find them in hardware stores, and they come in different materials like wood, steal and metal. Feel free to paint them so they match the rest of the décor and put them in any room, they’ll be lifesavers when it comes to organizing your rental place. Here’s the proof…


In the Entryway

You can arrange the pegs at various heights on the perforated panel to hang coats, bags, umbrellas… An easy solution to organizing an often messy area.

Perforated panels for entrywaySources : 1.kalblempereur / 2.themerrythought


In the Bathroom

On a wall space or inside a cupboard, the panel will be useful for hanging up various toiletries.

Perforated panels for the bathroomSources : 1.West Elm / 2.ZeroEnergy Design, Houzz


In the Bedroom

This room’s a good place to play around with the hardboard by making a headboard, perfect for hanging a lamp or an alarm clock. You could also use the panel as a divider or to hang your accessories. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings will all fit well and you’ll no longer have to spend time untangling them!

Perforated panels for the bedroomSources : 1.Better Homes and Gardens / 2.Sugar & Cloth 


In the Office

Pencil cases, paint, scissors… all these small items can be within arm’s reach and well organized. And for those who do handiwork (sewing, scrapbooking…), panels can be super useful with tons of little versatile storage spaces.

Perforated panels in the officeSources : 1.Fabric Paper Glue / 2.Etsy 


In the Kitchen

Undoubtedly the most useful place to use perforated panels is in the kitchen. Inside cupboards and drawers they’ll keep the dishes organized; hung on a wall they’ll support pots and pans; used as a credenza they can sort kitchen utensils.

Perforated panels in the kitchen, drawersSources : 1.Better Homes and Gardens / 2.Mosaic Group, Houzz

Perforated panels in the kitchen, pansSources : 1.A Beautiful Mess / 2.Lushome

Perforated panels for the kitchen, wallSources : 1.Kreis Design / 2.Liz Clayman, Refinery29 


In a Hallway

Take advantage of empty wall space to hang hardboard and use it as spot for cleaning supplies. Panels can also be used as partial partitions.

Perforated panels in the hallwaySources : 1.Retro Renovation / 2.A Beautiful Mess 


In the Living Room

Let your imagination run wild and decorate your panels with picture frames, allowing you to switch up their positioning without having to punch new holes in the wall every time, little potted plants to make an indoor garden, unique shelves for books…

Perforated panels in the living roomSources : 1.Bre Purposed / 2.Kiel Wuellner, Design Sponge 

Perforated panels in the living room, shelvesSources : 1.Fredrik Lundin, Design Sponge / 2.One Happy Mess 


In the Garage or Workspace

Back to where it all began. Tinkerers and gardeners can easily organize their tools using panels that allow them to sort, organize and store everything.

Perforated panels in the garage Sources : 1.Mother's niche / 2.Better Homes and Gardens



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