Developed in the Middle Ages to protect against cold walls, today, headboards have become a vital décor element for adding character to the bedroom. So don’t hesitate to use them to personalize your rental. In a matter of minutes and on an equally small budget, you can easily create a tailor made creative headboard that will definitely leave its mark on your guests. Here are 21 images and ideas to inspire you…


DIY headboards

Who would have thought to use books to make a headboard? Make it yourself using brackets on which you can stack books or using a panel on which you can nail them.

DIY headboards with booksLeft, Leroy Merlin / Right, Design every day


Imagine suspending textiles as way of a headboard. A quick and easy do it yourself idea using a piece of fabric (with emphasis on cotton and linen), wall hangings, carpet or a curtain.

DIY headboards with textilesLeft, Martha Stewart / Right, House Decorators collection


Recycle your old objects to create a unique headboard. Gather oars as shown below, or hockey sticks, billiard cues, fishing rods and so on. That’s right, anything goes!

DIY headboards with oarsBees Knees Bungalow


In keeping with the spirit of using household objects, you can use a painting, perforated panel, screen or even a mirror...

DIY headboards with household objectsFrom left to right AmeublementsSf girl by bayTina


You can use a piece of driftwood and hang crocheted or even lace decorations from it. Another DIY possibility would be to use old leather belts and an old sofa cushion to give your bed a self-assured and cozy feel.

DIY headboards with driftwoof and cushionsLeft, imgrum / Right, Julies Kreahule


Another way to create a cocooning atmosphere is by nailing a series of cushions to the wall.

DIY headboards with cushionsIkea


For a chic padded headboard, stick leather tiles directly onto the wall as in the example below or even aluminium tiles and various other materials that are initially intended to cover the floor and ceilings.

Headboards with stick leather tilesCuir au carré


For those of you who like tinkering, you can also make a headboard using rope. Create an appropriate sized cleated rectangular frame, drill holes along the edges and thread ropes in accessorized colours to create fun patterns.

DIY headboard with ropesHomes


A long string of lights can also delineate the headboard space. It is advisable to lightly pre-draw the pattern in pencil, and then discretely place small nails along this line to guide and fix the garland in place.

DIY headboard with a string of lightsvtwonen 


Drawn on headboards

Paint is as convenient way to define the headboard area. You can paint a simple rectangle or cover the entire surface of the wall behind the bed. The advantage here is being able to personalize the colour based on the infinite choices available on the market. For artistic souls, chalkboard paint is an alternative way of using chalk to draw your dream headboard. You’ll be able to change it regularly but the disadvantage is that it’ll fade quickly.

Headboards defined with paintLeft, Leroy Merlin / Right, two flychicks 


Like paint, wallpaper allows you to make your own headboard in a matter of minutes. You can paste strips that cover the whole height of the wall or cut out a specific shape from the sheet. The advantage here is the variety of motifs available that would be difficult to reproduce using paint.

Headboards defined with wallpaperLeft, Castorama / Right, Farrow and Ball


Adhesives are great allies when it comes to customizing a headboard. Whether you use washi tape (masking tape) or stickers, you’ll get a great effect.

Headboards defined with stickers and masking tapeLeft, Milo and Mitzy / Right, Ikea


Stay tuned to discover more ideas on how to make creative and original headboards using recycled furniture.


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