Fireplaces provide an undeniable charm to a home or apartment. Offering a roaring fire in the winter which warms the atmosphere, fireplaces can also become a real asset during the summer. To enhance your rental, give them a new function by optimizing the space of their hearth. Whether classic or contemporary, dress them with books, records, works of art, ornaments, candles, plants, frames, etc., to transform them into decorative corners. Beautifying ideas are abundant, the proof in pictures...


Library Fireplace

Fireplace decor with books and magazinesLeft, Ab Chao / Right, Design Sponge


Art Gallery Fireplace

Fireplace decor with frames, woks of art...Left, Michel Arnaud via Domino / Right, Domino


Floral Fireplace

Fireplace place decor with plants and flowersLeft, House to Home / Right, Good Housekeeping


Lighted Fireplace

Fireplace decor with candles and candlesticksLeft, Lia Griffith / Right, Brian Patrick Flynn via HGTV


Flee-market style Fireplace

Fireplace decor with flee-market objectsLeft, Jennifer Rizzo / Right, Shabby and Charme


Ornamental Fireplace

Fireplace with shelves and ornamental objectsLeft, Better Homes and Gardens / Right, Chenin Boutwell via Design Sponge


Log Fireplace

Fireplace decor with wooden logsDesign scouting


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