Rejuvenate your rental’s bedroom using old, forgotten items! Yep, that’s right, using old recuperated materials that have been lying around in the attic, cluttering the basement or making simply in the way, you can create a unique and vey trendy headboard. This DIY project can be done within minutes, and on a minimal budget using: doors, windows, shutters, fireplace mantles, pallets, boards, and even sheet metal ... These materials will dress-up the bed and give your space that oh-so-sought-after shabby chic style. So, following last month’s post on a selection creative headboards, here are some 100% upcycled DIY headboards

Upcycled headboards for a shabby style bedroom1.Dreamy Whites / 2.Lisa pa Landet via Bonnier Fakta / 3.Samantha Elizabeth / 4.Kara Rosenlud / 5.Kara paslplay designs / 6.Leah Moss via Apartment Therapy

Wooden upcycled headboards for rentals1.Stylizimo / 2.Cathey with an e / 3.This old house / 4.Buckets of burlap


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