We don’t always know what to do with an old wooden door. Throw it away? Instead of doing that, why don’t you upcycle it and bring a definite touch of originality to your rental. Indeed, just like we’ve seen before with ladders and rakes, it is possible to be creative with an old door and turn it into a decorative and/or functional object. For example, you can transform a vintage door into a headboard, a folding screen, a coffee table, a coat rack, shelves... What’s more is you shouldn’t hesitate to keep its rustic look, it will add that extra something to both classical and modern interiors. 26 images that prove it!


Tailor-made furniture

If you have the soul of a handyman, turn a wooden door into a piece of practical furniture for your rental; a coffee table, a console, a TV cabinet, a desk...

Upcycled old wooden doors as console tablesUpcycled old wooden doors tunred into tailor made furniture1.Content in a cottage / 2.Icing on the cake / 3.Saved by love creations / 4.That was a what? / 5.Handy father / 6.The Style Files / 7.This sorta old life / 8.Etsy


By adding hooks you can equally convert an old door into a coat hanger for the entry way.

Upcycled wooden doors into coat hangers9.Wood mood / 10.Jasmin made it / 11.Chartreuse


A wooden door can also become a wonderfully charming storage space.

Upcycled wooden doors turned into storage space12.Etsy / 13.Welke.nl / 14.Gail’s decorative touch / 15.Liz Marie blog / 16.Butterfly Lady Designs



Unique and Original Décor

Who would have thought that a simple wooden door could bring so much style to an interior?

Upcycled old wooden doors turned into headboardsUpcycled old wooden doors turned into decorative objects

Upcycled old wooden doors turned into decorative elements17.Dreamy Whites / 18.Achados de decoracao / 19.Buckets of Burlap / 20.My inner landscape / 21.De Tweede Lente / 22.Carla Aston Designed /23.Home DIY People



A Divider

An old wooden door can find a second life as a divider to delineate two separate spaces.

Upcycled old wooden doors to separate spaces24.Etsy / 25.Houzz / 26.Snap guide


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