When a kitchen is small, resorting to clever arrangements becomes essential to having a practical and functional kitchen. The key is to optimize every square meter using modular furniture, retractable accessories and practical storage. So here are 7 any-budget, space-saving ideas to make the best of your rental kitchen.


1.Use the full height

Storage space in the kitchen close to the ceiling Leroy Merlin

Take advantage of every centimetre of your kitchen, from floor to ceiling! To do this, don’t hesitate to install cupboards on the entirety of the available height. Let storage space go up to the ceiling and have a step stool nearby. Better yet have a small retractable one so as not to obstruct the space.


2.Optimize your baseboards

Drawer on the underside of kitchen furnitureLeroy Merlin

Go on the hunt for wasted space! For example, the underside of kitchen furniture can become valuable storage. Simply install sliding drawers at the baseboards. You can buy them in specialized stores or make these drawers yourself by installing tracks/casters and using the skirting boards as a facade. Although these drawers are small, they will allow you to store pie dishes, oven racks, kitchen towels or other little-used accessories.


3.Optimize the angles

Corner furniture in the kitchen Darty

Increase the storage capacity of your kitchen by installing corner furniture. Their sliding doors offer considerable storage space for pots and pans while allowing easy access.


4.Increase the workspace

Removable drawer in the kitchen to incrase worktop surface Castorama

Clever drawers now make it possible to increase your worktop surface in no time at all! These removable extra surfaces will prove indispensable in kitchens with insufficient prep space.


5.Offer a retractable table

Two retractable tables in the kitchenLeft:Cuisinella / Right:Leroy Merlin

The retractable table has the advantage of allowing small kitchens to offer a dining area, for one to four people. Sliding or folding, this table is discreet when not in use; it frees space to circulate freely and does not visually overload the room.


6.Opt for wall storage

Different wall storage in the kitchenDarty

To use all the spaces, attach a grid bar below the countertop or sink and hang various small utensils and spices. You can also add supports, shallow shelves and storage bars to an unused wall to create additional storage space.


7.Focus on retractable accessories

Retractable accessories in the kitchen: hood, electrical outlet, sink Lapeyre

Although expensive, retractable accessories bring a lot of functionality to a kitchen. A hood or an electrical outlet disappears in the worktop to save space. A tilting water tap also optimizes space by allowing the sink to be installed under a window without hindering its opening.


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