As we have seen previously in the bedroom, feng shui creates a feeling of well-being in the home. Everything is about balance and harmony in this Chinese art, and this is all the more true when it comes to your living room, the centrepiece of your house where private life and the public sphere coexist. So if you want to adopt feng shui in your rental’s living room, make sure that chi energies circulate freely. You can do this easily by adopting specific layouts, furniture, decoration, and lighting… Here’s an overview of 8 precepts of feng shui to give off good vibes in your living room.


1. Facilitate the circulation of chi

In a feng shui interior, the chi must be able to circulate with fluidity, not too quickly, or too slowly. To optimize this circulation of energy, arrange the furniture in a homogeneous way in your living room. Don’t group furniture into a single area, this bulk impedes the chi’s fluidity. If your room is small, limit the number of pieces of furniture and favour models that are low to the ground; On the contrary, if it is large, the chi can get lost, so in this case, don’t hesitate to divide the space, with a screen for example or a plant, while avoiding the corridor effect.


2. Let the living room breathe

With the aim of helping energy flow freely, it is recommended to unclutter the space. Separate yourself from furniture that is too bulky or that you don’t like anymore. Make room and not only on the floor! A feng shui living room does not deal well with accumulation, so launch yourself into the sorting of objects and trinkets in order to create a clutter-free, clear space. But don’t go overboard and strip it bare! Also, keep things put away; feng shui defines a place for everything. You should also alternate open and closed spaces on shelves and libraries.


3. Work the layout

If the configuration of the room allows for it, the sofa should be leaned against a wall. This is because instinctively we need to be supported to feel safe. If this arrangement is not possible, simply place a console, a low cabinet, a lamp etc. behind the sofa, the most important thing being not to leave a large empty space. According to the precepts of feng shui, it is also preferable to be able to see the entrance of the room from the sofa. Then add a centre point in front of the sofa, such as a coffee table, as well as other seats to facilitate communication. A carpet also promotes conviviality by bringing together the people around it. Finally, note that it is recommended to place the television and other hi-fi equipment in the Northwest, and if your dining area is part of the same room, you should have it to the East.


4. Round the corners

The chi energy of feng shui does not like clashing with angles that are too prominent or edges that are too sharp, such as on furniture. Rather, it favours rounded shapes. For example, an oval living room table, a cosy ottoman, a sofa with soft edges, and a round lamp in order to scare away harmful shar energy.

Cosy living room with green wall in a feng shui spirit©Ikea


5. Adjust the lighting

The lighting must be able to offer different atmospheres: daylight bright light to enhance energy, and in the evening, dim light to create privacy. To promote yin and yang atmospheres, it is advisable to multiply the sources of lighting in your living room.


6. Play with materials

According to feng shui, it is important to find water, wood, fire, earth and metal in the living room. To introduce these five elements, diversify the materials and textures. Play with mat and gloss, with natural, soft and raw materials. For example, choose a cotton sofa, wool cushions and velvet curtains in contrast to decorative accessories (vase, frame, statue, lamp ...) shiny and hard.


7. Think about the décor

Do not leave choosing your décor, sculptures, painting and so forth to chance. Display items that give off a positive image, items which are interacting with the image of yourself that you want to give your travellers. It is thus necessary to avoid representations of disasters and violence. To decorate your living room, you should also consider using mirrors. They contribute to the good dynamics of chi, especially if they are placed in front of a door or over a chimney, or if they reflect a positive image. Saying that, it is not advisable to have mirrors facing each other, the energy would end up blocked in a game of perpetual ping pong. If your rental has a chimney, place a decorative object in the fireplace when not in use or close the chimney flap to prevent positive energy from escaping.


8. Add plants

Green plants and fresh flowers also energize the chi, so do not hesitate to place them in the living room, especially in the corners where energy tends to stagnate. Opt for low-maintenance plants if you host travellers on long stays and favour round leaves instead of sharp leaves that attract the shar's negative energy.


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