To make your guest’s stay in your rental comfortable, it’s necessary to offer functional storage solutions so that they can unpack their things and feel more at home. If your rental’s bedroom doesn’t have the necessary space for a dresser or walk-in, or is in an attic for example, you can install a clothes rack and even make one yourself as a DIY project! Aside from the practical aspect, a well-chosen clothes rack will also bring a touch of originality to the space.

To make one yourself, you can, for example use pieces of driftwood which you hang from the ceiling with a rope or a chain. Another easy way to make a rack is with a customized horizontal ladder or two parallel ladders connected by a wooden board and a curtain rod. To create a slightly more industrial look, you can also incorporate copper pipping elements. Finally, for a poetic touch, hang a wooden garland. Let these low-budget, stylish clothing racks inspire you!


7 Original Clothing Racks

Clothing racks with driftwood and copper pippingClothing racks with ladders, pipping and wooden garland1.Jours & Nuits © 2016 Houzz / 2.Diakrit / 3.A pair and a spare / 4.Adriana Brusaferri via Corriere Della Sera / 5.Emma Kirstine / 6.Tina Dalboge /


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