Before winter arrives with its icy rain and snow, it’s recommended to store away any garden furniture. But rather than let it hibernate in the garage or cellar, why not give it a key spot in the heart of your rental? That’s right, outdoor furniture, which has become as comfortable as it has designer over the years, finds its place in the living room and the kitchen with ease as well as in other rooms like the bathroom, bedroom or office. Chairs, deckchairs, lawn chairs, acapulco armchairs, benches, picnic tables and sideboards are now destined to be used all year round. It’s often enough to simply add cushions, a blanket or a sheepskin to the piece to help it blend in with your interior décor.

Nonetheless, before inviting garden furniture into the house, make sure that it harmonizes with your décor. Materials such as rattan, resin and wrought iron blend well with contemporary, shabby and Scandinavian styles. Avoid white or green moulded plastic furniture that gives off an impression of poor quality and beware of teak which can end up looking neglected and weathered after a while. These days, more and more manufacturers are creating products that work for both the outdoors and indoors which is something worth considering if and when you purchase new furniture. Now explore these interior design ideas that bring the outside in!


Garden furniture comes inside

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