The summer holidays seem so far away already, yet traces of the holidays have been left behind in your interior! Indeed, most people don’t return from their travels empty-handed! Seashells, straw hats, earthenware plates, old mirrors, statuettes, vintage bottles, cups with local motifs, exotic baskets... you took advantage of your trips to bring back typical objects from the destination.

The problem now, is that you’re not sure how to integrate these souvenirs with your rental’s interior style. Rather than scattering them left and right, at the risk of giving your décor a cluttered or old-fashioned appearance, show them off by grouping them together. Displayed together, they will form a collection that will give your rental character. You can make a wall composition that will dress the room, turn a window into a curios cabinet, highlight certain objects by placing them under glass bell jars, and create a display on a shelf or on the chimney mantle. The idea is to integrate them fully into your decor. And to do that, here are 16 ideas on how to display your travel memories... 


A Wall of Curios

Collection displayed on wallsA wall of curios with travel souvenirs1.Ernie Enkelaar / 2.homedit / 3.Elitis / 4.Henri Del Olmo, Villanovo / 5.David Price Design / 6.Aphro Chic / 7.The Thrifty Couple / 8.Nicolas Mathéus


A Proud Collection

Proud collection displayed in homesTravel souvenirs gathered as a collection9.Billinkoff Architecture / 10.Chris A Dorsey / 11.Charlotte Schmidt Olsen / 12.So you’re getting married / 13.Stacy Jen / 14.Stacy Jen / 15.Elements of wellness / 16.Sweet Pea Home


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