If your rental’s couch is looking tattered from wear and tear or its style is out of fashion, don’t get rid of it, give it a makeover instead! There are many clever solutions that can bring your couch back to life without breaking the bank. Covers, throws, cushions, new feet, dyes... you can easily give an old sofa a second life in just a few minutes, as well as adding a unique personal touch. Here are 8 makeover ideas


1.Change the cover

Fast and efficient, a cover change turns a sofa has-been into a trendy piece. Be aware that many brands today make removable covers in cotton, linen or velvet, plain or patterned. Take the opportunity to adapt your sofa to your décor.

Couch makeover with a sofa coverBemz


2.Cover with fabric

Simple solution with a guaranteed effect: large sheets of fabric, linen or a bed throw that covers the entire couch. You can also use different fabrics; one for the seat, the other for the back. Make sure to stay in the same colour range or combine styles with a solid colour and a complementary print.

Couch makeover with a bed sheet, HouzzBenoit Diacre via Houzz


3.Throw on a throw

Using a throw to change up your couch’s look is prudent as it allows you to give the décor a makeover in just a few seconds and on a budget. You can have the throw on the side of the sofa, in the centre, on the seat alone or choose an XXL model that covers the whole thing. The current trend is to use wool or linen throws, which bring a warm touch to the décor.

Couch makeover with plaids and rugsJungalow / Maisons du monde


4.Multiply the cushions

A sure bet to wake up an old sofa is to add multiple cushions. Vary shapes, sizes and materials. If your living room is neutral, play on prints and colours to give the décor a dynamic feel, but stay in a single shade to create a beautiful harmony.

Couch makeover with many cushionsLuckyboysunday / The Cool Republic


5.Add a sofa cover

Cocooning effect assured with the sofa cover or the quilted throw placed on the entire length of the seat to hide signs of wear and provide extra comfort.

Couch makeover with padded sofa coverSophie Boussahaba


6.Change out the feet

An effective tip for giving your sofa a new look is to change the feet. You can buy specialized feet or simply customize existing ones with paint.

Couch makeover by changing and painting feetPretty pegs


7.Use dye

You’ve probably not thought about this but dying your sofa is an option, whether its fabric or leather! There are special dyes that are quite easy to use: in a washing machine, aerosol can or in pots to apply with rollers and brushes. This solution is particularly suitable for sofas with stains rather than comfort problems.

Couch makeover with special textile paintMelodrama


You can paint the whole sofa in a solid colour, or you can customize it by creating stripes, a tie-dye effect, or even use stencils...

Couch customization using textile paintCreations Metaphores / Anthropologie


8.Add sections

Another way to relook a sofa is to add new sections, create a corner model, form a chaise, or extend the seat. Feel free to choose a section in a different material or opposing shade to create a certain style.

Couch makeover adding new modulesFastighetsbyran


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