The carpenter's bench has become a very trendy piece of furniture. From now on, it is no longer relegated to collecting dust in the garage; instead it enters the home with honour. Robust and sturdy, this solid wood that’s been worked and worn tells a story which we hope to prolong and preserve. How to use and display a carpenter’s bench inside? Lovers of vintage and recycled furniture like repurpose them, giving these benches a second life. Saying that, there is no need to customize, personalize, paint or sand them, the workshop workbench is a diamond that should be kept rough. It enhances the interiors as a console for the entrance or the living room, as a kitchen island or table, as a buffet, vanity unit, desk, bar, dressing table or TV cabinet. The best part is that its timeless character means that it’ll find its place just as easily in any décor, be it country-chic, industrial, Scandinavian or shabby-chic. Succumb to this trend and trust us, it’ll bring an undeniable cachet to your rental!


The carpenter's bench repurposed

Carpenter's bench repurposed in homesCarpenter's bench as console and tv cabinet1.Arkpad / 2.Atelier vintage / 3.Max Kim-Bee / 4.Ana White / 5.Boligpluss / 6.Etsy / 7.Jilly and Mia / 8.Taryn Whiteaker


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