Wood Furniture Care

To care for your wood furniture, here are some good practices to adopt to maintain it and remove those stubborn stains. Age-old tips and homemade recipes…


Comfortable Bedding

Choosing the right bedding is quintessential to providing comfort for your guests. Comfortable sleep depends on how the textile feels and its ability to absorb moisture.


A Belted Towel Hanger

Using an old leather belt, you can make a decorative, functional and inexpensive towel hanger in just a few quick steps and moves for your rental bathroom.


Cocoon Your Interior

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Trending Destinations

Airbnb unveiled the top 16 neighborhoods worldwide according to traveller stays in 2015. So what are the most popular destinations to visit in 2016?


HomeAway, UEFA Sponsor

Abritel-HomeAway joins UEFA EURO 2016 as a national sponsor, becoming the official fans’ accommodation service for the summer 2016 championship.