Everyone knows about plywood but most people don’t see it as a material to be used in interior décor. Surprise! This composite panelling is now a leading trend in decoration, designers and architects have brought it back to the limelight. So what are the advantages of plywood that make it so popular? Above all, this material is cheap, much cheaper than solid wood. It is also both resistant and eco-friendly. With a gradient of light and bright tones, it brings a natural feel to interiors, not without evoking Scandinavian atmospheres, and its raw rendering provides warmth and authenticity.

Plywwod in interior designClare Cousins Architects


Plywood adapts to every room in the house: from the living room to the kitchen, through the bedroom and bathroom. And if it is a new must in decoration, it is because it emphasizes the room’s volume, brings originality, and hides any faults in the walls... As it is easy to work with (All you have to do is cut out the panels with an electric saw, then assemble them with screws, nails and squares), plywood can also be transformed into a sofa, cupboard, headboard, credence, shelves, etc.

Just know that plywood is made of several thin layers of wood glued together, which means that it can’t be sanded and therefore wear and tear marks and scratches can’t be gotten rid of. Additionally, unlike solid wood plywood doesn’t age, it won’t change colours over the years. So will you bring a touch of originality and modernity to your rental with plywood? Discover a few beautiful realisations to inspire you...


10 inspirations using plywood…

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