For fans of up-cycling, apple crates, as well as pallets and old ladders, are an inexhaustible source of DIY creations for the home. Indeed, these wooden crates can be diverted and customized to furnish as well as add a decorative touch. They go well with Scandinavian, rural, industrial, shabby, and many other styles. They bring a personalized touch to the décor, without hurting the wallet!

Take part in this trendy recycling spirit and give new life to those fruit and vegetable crates that you get at the market. No markets near you? No worries, you can also buy them in décor shops and DIY store where they’ll have the advantage of being clean and splinter free. In this case, you can leave them in their raw state or paint the wood, as well as add feet or rollers.

In your rental, these wooden boxes will undoubtedly find their place as a bedside or sofa table. You can stack them together to create a bookcase, a partition wall, a desk or a planter. Assemble them to make a coffee table or an entertainment unit, or simply hang them on the walls as shelves. You can even use them as storage baskets! For more inspiration, check out these 15 beautiful DIY projects, achieved with apple crates...



Crates on the wall as shelvesFurniture made with apple cratesFurniture in the living room made with cratesTables made with crates1.Alvhem / 2.Bosch via RP online / 3.Aimee Weaver / 4.Madamelabroc / 5.Inspiration Indulgence / 6.The Beauty dojo / 7.ornamentist via Instagram / 8.Regines Kreativiteter / 9.Woonstijl / 10.De Veilingkist / 11.Anything and everything / 12.Jessika Robitaille / 13.Etsy / 14.Hannas / 15.Ma Maison Blanche


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