To celebrate the arrival of spring, bring nature into your home and make your terracotta flowerpots shine by customizing them yourself. By using paint, sprinkles, leather, wood, mosaic, markers…, you can personalize them however you want and make them complement your home’s décor. And no need to be super crafty to make some pretty sweet creations! Here are some easy and inexpensive DIY ideas to inspire you…



  1. Clean. Before throwing yourself in to the customization process, make sure the flowerpot is nice and clean. To clean it, you can use a little brush or soap and water. Since terracotta is porous, let it dry for 48 hours if it’s wet.
  2. Smoothen. Make sure the surface is perfectly smooth. Sand down the pot with some light sandpaper and dust it off with a dry cloth.
  3. Protect. We recommend varnishing the whole pot with a waterproof varnish. The surface will be less porous for when you’re watering your plants, making the paint less likely to peal. Go over it with a white undercoat to make sure the paint is more firmly set.
  4. Paint. Opt for acrylic paint because it will be easier to use. Glycerophtalic paint is even better for outdoor pots because it’s more resistant. It’s better if the roots of the plant don’t come in contact with the paint and don’t paint the insides or the bottom of the pot up to a certain height. Expect to use at least two coats of paint.
  5. Varnish. Once the paint is well and dry (set 24 hours aside), move on to the varnishing stage. If you’re going to be putting the pot outdoors, use waterproof varnish. If it’s going to stay indoors, you can use a “kitchen and bathroom” style varnish. Use at least 2 coats and make sure to leave enough time for them to dry.


Dress Up Your Flower Pots

Personalize flower pots 1 1.Ispy DIY: tie dye effect by incrementally dipping the pot into water mixed with paint.

2.The Decorfix: turn the pot upside down and let the paint drip until your get the right effect.

3.Practically functional: stick on stencil and dab with a foam paint brush.


Personalize floser pots 2

1.Lisotic: spray gold or silver paint on the entire surface in an aerated area.

2.Nest of Posies: mark off the are with tape and then add glue and sprinkles.

3.eHow: apply spray paint with a sweeping motion.


Personalize flower pots 3

1.Lonny: wrap the pot in tape of different widths to mark off where to paint.

2.Manualidades: with blackboard paint you can write messages with chalk in the pots.

3.eHow: stick on tape for whatever geometric shape you want to recreate.


Personalize flower pots 4

1.Vintage Revivals: cut out pieces of leather in whatever shape you want and glue them on.

2.Madame citron: decorate your pot with paper folded origami style.

3.Le Chat qui guette: dress the pot with straightforward string and glue.


Personalize flower pots 5

1.Busy Hands: glue little colored pebbles on the terracotta pot.

2.Better Homes and Gardens: make mosaics by gluing tiles and filling in the spaces.

3.Nini: cut about 20 branches of the same size, gather them all together with some string and glue the whole thing around the pot.


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