Today’s big bathroom trend is without contest the floor-level, walk-in shower (also known as Italian shower). Praised for its aesthetic, it offers a clean design and a certain creative element. In addition, floor-level showers are convenient. Their custom dimensions allow them to be integrated into any type of room, which means they can be at an angle, as an ‘island’ centrepiece, or under the slope of a roof. As a bonus, the flat, seamless surface makes them quick and easy to maintain.

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Traditionally, this type of walk-in shower does not have a drain tray; rather, it has a slightly sloping floor which facilitates the flow of water towards a drain. There are various materials which can be used for the flooring; tiles and mosaic being the most popular. Here’s an overview of the five best flooring materials to use for your rental’s seamless, walk-in shower…



Tiling is the preferred flooring for showers, not only for its resistance, but also because it allows you to seamlessly blend the walk-in shower with the bathroom’s décor. Indeed, bathroom’s often have tiled floors and walls which create continuity. One way of bringing a touch of originality is to play with the ‘lines’ of the shower. By using tiles of different shades, shapes and dimensions you can delineate the shower space in fun and unique ways. Porcelain stoneware tiles are the most popular for their clean appearance, but there are other materials such as earthenware, terracotta, cement and porcelain that also create a contemporary feel. Finally, consider an anti-slip finish in the walk-in shower and remember that using XL tiles will visually enlarge the space, a great idea if you have a small bathroom.

Walk-in showers with tiling and mosaic flooring4.Tiling, Leroy Merlin / 5.Mosaic, Castorama       



Mosaic is the flooring par excellence of the creative thanks to the wide range of colours and infinite motifs that can be created with it. However, laying mosaic requires a lot of time and attention to properly align the joints making it a fairly arduous process. The great news is that nowadays many DIY stores offer pre-cut glass paste boards; these are large format boards of predefined mosaic tiles making it easy to get the look without the hassle.



Stone brings the outdoors inside, and creates the atmosphere of showering in nature. This type of surfacing is trendy because it brings an undeniable cachet. Depending on your available budget other options are granite, white or blue stone, slate or even marble.

Walk-in showers with stone and pebbles flooring6.Stone, Leroy Merlin / 7.Pebbles, Leroy Merlin



Like stone, pebbles create a natural and authentic atmosphere that evokes the sea. They are resistant and come in multiple colours and finishes. Be aware though, that pebbles do require careful and regular maintenance to prevent yellowing over time.


Polished concrete

Waxed concrete is considered as a coating of choice for floor-level showers because its natural resistance ensures that the flooring will be both impermeable and durable. There is a wide choice of dyes and pigments, which makes it possible to be creative and create custom shades. Saying that, waxed concrete does require specific maintenance to ensure its longevity and you would need to hire a qualified professional to install it as it is a very meticulous process.

Walk-in shower with polished concrete flooring8.Polished concrete, Aubade


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