Wooden kitchen worktops have become very popular in recent years. In fact, wood counter-tops are chosen 1 out of 3 times for new kitchens; and for good reason too... Whether oak, beech, maple, bamboo or birch, this material seduces us by creating a living nature atmosphere. In addition to its undeniable charm, wood has also proven itself in terms of strength and longevity. Furthermore, compared to a quartz, granite or synthetic resin like Corian, it has the advantage of being rather economical. Wooden worktops are also quite suitable for rental kitchens seeing as once it’s varnished or oiled, wood has an improved stain resistance and is fairly easy to maintain.

Once a wooden counter-top has been selected, the next question is which backsplash to choose? Indeed, the backsplash is important for several reasons: it’s the element that will link the worktop to the cabinets, that protects the wall from dirt and projections (oil, grease), and last but not least, it’s the element that will bring that decorative touch to your kitchen. So here are 10 backsplash ideas that go wonderfully with wooden kitchen worktops, and won’t break the bank…


1. Faience (tiles)

Earthenware, also known as tiles, is a traditional material in the kitchen due to its resistance and variety. You can be original by playing on graphics, textures or colours.

Atlier Daaa and Blair Harris kitchensLeft: Faience, Atelier.daaa / Right: metro tiles, Blair Harris


2. Metro tiles

Parisian Metro inspired backsplashes are very trendy, both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. They can create both an industrial and contemporary look. These subway tiles are usually white, but you can find patterns with black as well as colours.


3. Cement tiles

Cement tiles are very popular for their aesthetic appearance. They bring a lot of character to kitchens going for a retro or Scandinavian look.

Cement tiles in a scandinavian style kitchen, AudellaAudella


4. Mosaics

Mosaic backsplashes are very successful as the almost infinitely broad range allows for extensive creativity when decorating.

Mosaics in the kitchen, TrendlandTrendland


5. Wood

Installing a wooden backsplash which matches the counter-top will unify the kitchen and bring a sense of classic sobriety. To visually enlarge the space, consider installing the wooden ribs horizontally rather than vertically.

Wooden backsplash, from Atelier daaaAtelier.daaa


6. Stainless Steel

Hygienic and easy to maintain, stainless steel either brings an industrial touch or creates the feel of a professional kitchen.

Stainless steel backsplash, from Thomas JennyThomas Jenny


7. Glass

Very ‘design’, Securit tempered glass backsplashes bring modernity to any kitchen. Their brightness and sheen also enlarges the space by creating the illusion of depth. You can choose a clear, tinted or synthetic glass with personalized photo printing.

Glass backsplash, from dartyDarty


8. Waxed concrete

The raw appearance of concrete combines perfectly with the warmth of a wooden worktop. This smoother coating is about 4mm thick and incredibly durable. It can also be used to cover old tiles.

Waxed concrete backsplash, from Mary DecoMary déco


9. Brick

Brick, or natural stone, when used on the backsplash bring an undeniable charm to the kitchen, highlighting the building’s authenticity. Brick can create both a chic country style and urban style evoking New York architecture.

Brick and adhesive backsplash, from Nowa and PoligomLeft: bricks, Nowa Concept / Right: adhesives, Poligom


10. Adhesives

The adhesive or sticker backsplash is seductive for its ease of installation, its varied aesthetic and its small price tag, making it easy to renovate your kitchen.


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