We all have family furniture passed down from generation to generation in our homes. Often, they are large and quite imposing pieces that are rustic in style. Their sentimental value and their charm of yesteryear, however, make it impossible for us to part with them. Rather than relegating such heirloom pieces to the attic or garage, put them centre stage in your house or flat.


You can upcycle antique furniture and turn them into the centrepieces of your décor, or customize them to make them more functional and better suited to your interior. You can personalize them by painting them to soften their rustic feel, using light tones and a sponge. You can also change out the handles or even paint the existing ones! So don’t hesitate to integrate your vintage pieces into your décor, they’ll go with any style thanks to current the mix & match trend. To highlight them without going overboard, mix individual pieces in with other contemporary furnishing and avoid accumulating numerous heirloom items in the same space. A Henri II sideboard, a Louis XVI chiffonier, an Empire dresser, farm table, Norman cabinet, sewing machine, old workbench, or family countertop ... all family furniture can find a prime place in your rental.



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