You’ve probably noticed on the Airbnb site that some postings and profiles have an orange badge. What does it mean? The online community marketplace established a Superhost system that acknowledges hosts from around the globe who offer their guests excellent hospitality. Airbnb awards them this badge to recognize their experience, their responsiveness, their ability to make guests feel welcome and the quality of their place. Basically some nice recognition and a big thumbs up to attract travelers to their rental posting and increase bookings! But how do you attain Superhost status? What are the criteria? Here are the answers…

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Criteria to Reach Superhost Status

To become a Superhost, hosts have to meet certain performance standards that are filtered by an automatic system. First of all, you have to have a validated account  and then meet certain criteria evaluated based on the previous year.

  • Number of bookings

Hosts have to have hosted travelers a minimum of 10 times over the past 365 days.


  • Response Rate

The response rate to requests by travelers has to be equal to or above 90%. Airbnb is particularly inclined to hosts that make a constant effort throughout the year.


  • 5 Star Ratings

For the star rating to count toward Superhost status, at least half of all travelers that stayed at the rental have to have left comments. If that’s the case, 80% or more of those comments must have a 5 star rating. Consider that the star count is all encompassing and not ratings based on category (shown above comments posted on the posting).


  • Cancellations

To become a Superhost, there cannot have been a single cancelation following a confirmed booking. However, hosts are able to cancel a reservation without penalty in extreme circumstances (death in the family, serious illness of the host or family member, natural disaster or political turmoil in the country, house accident, and maintenance problems that affect their ability to host travelers). In such cases the host has to contact Airbnb Resolution Center.


Superhost Evaluation

Superhost status is automatic, there is no need to apply. If you meet the requirements by the evaluation date the badge will be posted on your profile and posting within the following 10 days. Airbnb verifies the activities of hosts in the previous year every 3 months. The evaluation thus occurs on the first day of each civil quarter. To follow your performance and your eligibility for Superhost status, all you have to do is go to the host homepage on the Airbnb site and click on the new Statistics section.


The Advantages of Superhost Status

  • The Superhost badge marks you as providing above average hospitality. Potential travelers are more likely to choose a place with a certified Superhost. There’s actually a Superhost filter in the search criteria.


  • If the badge is maintained for an entire year, or 4 evaluation periods, the host receives a travel credit of 100 dollar to use on Airbnb. The posting has to be active on the day marking the first anniversary of Superhost status.


  • Superhosts get priority support when they contact Aibnb on the phone.


  • They can also be invited to exclusive events.


In the end, being an Airbnb Superhost is a state of mind, and just as the writer Anatole France says: "Giving, few know it, is the secret of happiness."


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