The more bed your rental offers, the more travellers your place can accommodate and thus the higher the value of your price per night. But the beds are bulky, and city housing or apartments in ski resort or seaside towns have little space. One way of increasing the number of beds without losing space is retractable beds.

These extra beds are an ideal furnishing solution in rental apartments. They disappear during the day, usually in two or three easy moves: they rise to the ceiling, slip under a platform or attic, rotate in a library, fit into a closet, integrate into a console... We’ve most certainly noticed that designers compete creatively to see who can make the beds as invisible as possible! Admittedly, built-in beds represent a significant investment at the time of purchase with a price range of 1,500 to 3,000 euros, saying that they will be profitable in that they’ll be increasing the capacity of your rental. To give you an idea of these retractable beds’ potential, here are 10 ultra-discreet murphy models...


10 retractable beds

Retractable bed on the ceilingMurphy bed on the ceilingMurphy bedsSliding bedsTwo retractable beds that fit in a console or libraryRetractable beds into a closet1.Bed Up / 2.Espace Loggia / 3.Artisan du canapé / 4.S.D.C / 5.Le Matelas / 6.Julie Nabucet / 7.La Maison du convertible / 8.Bimodal / 9.Monsieur Meuble / 10.La Maison du convertible


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