Less than a week left until Christmas! To give your rental that end of the year, festive touch, be sure to add a few beautiful Christmas decorations. And why not customize? In just a couple of minutes you can make your own beautiful ornament balls to hang in your home or on the Christmas tree. An easy DIY project on a small budget, just like you like them, that will illuminate your interiors and bring holiday cheer to your travellers.


Materials needed:

-A reel of cotton thread, colour of choice

-Balloons to inflate

-White glue



Steps for DIY Christmas balls:

Steps for making a christmas ball with cotton thread©Femina.mk


  1. In a bowl or plastic container, dilute a little white glue with a few drops of water.
  2. Inflate a balloon to the desired size of the ball and tie it off with a knot.
  3. Attach the end of the string to the knot at the end of the balloon, then wrap the thread around the balloon firmly, but be careful not to overtighten.
  4. Roll the whole thing in the bowl to impregnate the thread with glue, or use a paint brush to brush glue over the ball. Either way do not skimp on the amount of glue used.
  5. Sprinkle glitter over the entire ball.
  6. Allow to dry for about ten hours, preferably suspended.
  7. Once the threads are dry, puncture the balloon and gently remove it.


Your Christmas ornament is ready! All that’s left to do is hang it up and let the magic of the holidays take over.

Home-made christmas balls on branches©Femina.mk


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