• 10 Decorative Objects to Hunt for

    Flea markets and garage sales are like Ali Baba caves; veritable decorative gold mines for your interior. Here are 10 trendy items to hunt for and buy!


  • The Confetti Effect of Terrazzo

    The material terrazzo is making its comeback in home decor! It brings an element of fantasy to interiors with its graphic patterns and colourful speckled prints.


  • The Authenticity of Plywood

    Plywood is no longer a material to be hidden away in interior design. On the contrary, expose it throughout the house to bring warmth and authenticity.


  • Oversized Floral Wallpaper

    More original than simple paint, floral wallpaper brings a certain cachet to your interior. These trendy oversized flowers work in any room to create a refined décor.


  • Give Your Old Sofa a Makeover

    Rather than getting rid of your old or out-of-style couch, why not give it a makeover? Here are 8 easy, fast and low-budget solutions to give your sofa new life…


  • Upcycle For a Gorgeous Kitchen

    With the current flea market and recycling trend, upcycling takes its benefits to the kitchen and helps create a unique décor, full of charm, at a small price. Here are 20 ideas...


  • Caning is Becoming Designer

    Three centuries after its arrival in France, caning finds its nobility revisited with style by designers who are integrating it into contemporary pieces.


  • Walls That Travel...

    Guaranteed escapism through planispheres that can become real decorative elements for your interiors. Discover 16 original world maps...


  • Creative Candlesticks

    By upcycling objects from your home through simple and low-budget DIY projects, create elegant candlesticks to bring warmth to your rental during the holidays.


  • Jouy to the World!

    Jouy prints are timeless and anything but obsolete. With these prints now revisited by modern designers in varied colours, they can work with any interior design. The proof…


  • A Luminous Christmas Tree

    A Christmas tree is a must in your rental to celebrate the holidays. Why not make one yourself with a string of fairy lights? Here is how to do it...


  • Display Your Travel Souvenirs

    Do you have a lot of travel souvenirs in your home? Think about displaying them together as a collection, one that will certainly bring style to your décor!


  • Wine Crates: Without Moderation

    In the upcycling trend which is so popular amongst DIY enthusiasts, wine crates gain a new life in decoration. They bring an authentic and elegant touch to interiors.


  • Juju Hats Cover the Walls

    Originally from Cameroon, these feather headdresses, also known as Juju hats, are exposed in trendy interiors bringing an ethnic and bohemian touch to any interior décor.


  • Purple Rain... Inside

    Pantone’s colourful tribute to the artist Prince adds a new hue to their colour chart: a dense violet. Discover how to use this Purple in your rental décor...


  • The Elegance of Hairpin Legs

    Succumb to the hairpin legs trend that will give your interior a retro look. Discover 20 beautiful ideas to create, revamp and renovate your furniture…


  • That Summer Feel... extended!

    Extend the summer by bringing a holiday look to your home. Discover 25 decorative ideas to give your rental a summer feel all year round!


  • Crate Perfect!

    In the spirit of up-cycling, forever trendy, wooden apple crates are an inexhaustible source of decoration for interiors. Here’s the proof in 15 amazing examples...


  • The Jungalow Style

    Invented by designer Justina Blakeney, the term jungalow is a creative and joyful decorative style that seduces via its eco-friendly feel. Here are 5 elements to help you create it…


  • Express Makeover For Chairs

    Give your old wooden chairs a modern look with just a few simple brush strokes. Play with colour to boost your rental's décor. Follow this simple step-by-step DIY giude…