The countdown before Christmas is on, don’t forget to install a pretty Christmas tree that will bring that final festive touch to your interior. This year, why not opt for a homemade Christmas tree? With old wooden branches or driftwood, you can make an authentic tree and have something a little more unique than a classic tree. This tree should be positioned against a wall, or it can also be suspended from the ceiling or a door, which frees up space and is ideal in small rooms. Its benefits don’t stop there: a fir tree without thorns that fall, no real tree has been cut or uprooted, and no plastic or pvc involved. The benefits can also be felt in your wallet as this is a low-budget project with the added bonus of getting you out of the house and in the fresh air when you go pick your dead branches in the forest!

Homemade christmas tree, from POMPOM


As far as DIY technique, the making of a wall Christmas tree is incredibly simple. The first thing you need to do is gather a sufficient amount of branches, make sure they are fully dried out and fairly regular, varying in their length and diameter. The thinnest shortest pieces will go at the top and the thickest longest ones at the base of the tree. Assemble the branches by tying around them a rope or string. If you prefer, make holes in the wood to pass the string through. Hang the final tree and go to the decoration stage. Place ornaments, pine cones, stars, characters, holly, etc. according to the desired theme, not hesitating use a little glue if necessary. And to give your tree a warm glow at night, don’t forget to add the ubiquitous LED Christmas lights. You will have created a 100% personalized and naturally chic Christmas tree!


Inspiration: a trendy Christmas tree!

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