Summer is approaching and we want to add a touch of exoticism to our interiors. So to turn your home into holiday mode, why not invite in the toucan! Native of the Amazonian forests, this bird now dethrones the pink flamingo in its popularity in decorative trends. With its imposing beak and its warm coloured royal plumage, the toucan brings an original and fun atmosphere via textiles, wallpaper and accessories. Its kitsch side seduces, especially when the print is used in small doses; one must of course avoid overdoing it. So will you be seduced by this tropical bird? Here are 13 toucan inspirations for your rental...


Toucan shopping inspiration

Deco print in interiorsToucan print on textiles and accessoriesWallpaper and painting with toucan print1.Coordonnée via / 2.H&M / 3.Amazon / 4.Kalamillustrations / 5.Maisons du monde / 6.Maisons du monde / 7.blinds2go / 8.De la Maison / 9.Monoprix / 10.AtelierSofiko / 11.Ferrari Verona / 12.Bien Fait / 13.WallEditions


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