Untidiness is just like an incessant background noise, you can’t relax as long as it’s around. For your Airbnb & co guests to feel at home in your home, it’s important to have a neat and tidy place. As we’ve seen in the past, the first step is to declutter. Without that decluttering, the mess is just temporarily concealed. Then comes the tidying up stage that should abide by the three “laws” to guarantee an organized and practical interior. Tips and tricks…

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1. The 3 Laws of Tidying Up


The Margin of Expansion

So that all this tidying up has a visual impact, 30% of every shelf should be empty space. This emptiness is crucial in interior decoration to give you space room to breathe, to add depth and lightness. Your interior will seem larger and your tourists won’t feel cramped. It also leaves you the option to add one or two things without having to rearrange everything from scratch every time you buy something new or get a gift.


The Proximity Law

To save time, we place objects that are used regularly close to where they’re used. Some simple examples: keys in the entryway, toothbrush by the sink, kitchen knives next to the workspace, dish soap underneath the sink… And the opposite applies as well, the fondue set at the back of the cupboard, snowpants at the top of the cabinet, etc. Take the opportunity to bring things together too: for example, brushes and combs, paper and envelopes, pens and pencils, cleaning products, DVDs and CDs, napkins and serviettes.


The Theory of Movement

The more frequently objects are used the more they should be within arm’s reach, with as little movements as possible to get them. Accessing an everyday object, like a cup, should be manageable in two or three steps: open the cupboard, grab the cup, close the cupboard. On the other hand, the cake pan located at the top of the kitchen cabinet beneath a mountain of plates will require some additional steps: get out the stepladder, climb the stepladder, open the cabinet, remove the plates from on top of it, grab the cake mold, put back the plates, close the cabinet, put away the stepladder. At least 8 movements. If you use this cake pan twice a year, it’s in the right place. But if you’re a master baker, you should put it in a more easily accessible location. To sum it all up, when tidying up your interior, think of what the guests could need during their stay and make all necessary items easily accessible to make your plce more functional.


2. Tricks for Tidying Up

By transforming certain everyday objects and/or doing a quick DIY project, you can create practical and inexpensive storage spaces for every room in the house. From here on out, everything in its right place!


For the bedroom

Organizing ideas for the bedroomSources : 1.K. Fauth Morgan / 2.Peeking Pines / 3.Dykast / 4.Leroy Merlin / 5.Cupcakes & Cashmere / 6.Epbot / 7.DR


For the bathroom

Organizing ideas for the bathroomSources : 1.Golden boys and Me / 2.The Family Handyman / 3.Cosmopolitan, ©Kathleen Kamphausen / 4.Ebay / 5.Homedit / 6.Decocrush / 7.Minabema / 8.The 2 Seasons / 9.Glamour / 10.Indulgy / 11.Clean Scentsible


For the kitchen

Organizing ideas for the kitchenSources : 1.Flickr / 2.Lushome / 3.Sew many ways / 4.Inspired by Charm / 5.The Wandmakersmother / 6.Sew many ways / 7.Martha Stewart / 8.Dornob/ 9.Amazon / 10.Lushome


3. Versatile furniture

To make your space feel even more organized for guests, play around with space and furniture.

  • Go for furniture that isn’t completely opaque and lets some light pass through (like a glass table, a polycarbonate chair, a plexiglass desk), or furniture that’s made of a material that reflects light (zinc, brass, leather, marble, chrome, etc.). With that in mind, feel free to add multiple mirrors and remember that dark colors absorb light, so try to go for lighter tones.
  • Move the furniture a few centimeters away from the wall (like the couch) to give your room a neater look. This will also make your interior look bigger.
  • Clear up the floor space. Opt for elevated or wall mounted pieces (especially for TV fixtures) and get rid of piled up objects on your floor by using coat hooks, shelves, magazine racks
  • Invest in furniture with built-in storage space. For example, a low coffee table with a sliding top and space for magazines, dishes, or even bottles, a couch with storage space for pillows and blankets, or a bed with drawers to tuck away bedding, for example.

Modern living room© fiphoto, Shutterstock


In the end, by providing your Airbnb & co guests with a neat and organized space you’re improving the place’s sense of comfort and functionality. And obviously a satisfied tourist is more likely to leave a positive review!


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