A balcony is an asset in a rental, especially in the summer. It can be transformed into an extra living room, a place of relaxation for your guests, a space suitable for daydreaming. Do not hesitate to convert your balcony, decorate it and accessorize it so that it becomes a cozy refuge at nap time or at night. To help you along, here are a few key elements ...


A balcony that invites you to dream:

-Favour low seating that will accentuate the feeling of cocooning. You can place large cushions and beanbags on a carpet for lounging on, or place a mattress covered in beautiful fabric on a series of pallets, add a couch or a chaise longue. The idea is to create a lounge area that will invite you to relax.

Low seating on cosy balconies1.Design art house / 2.Zszywka / 3.villa.snowwhite


-Nothing says reverie like veiling. Why not put up a pair of fluid curtains. In addition to bringing lightness, they will help to create a sense of privacy from the neighbourhood. For the same reasons think of using triangle shades or stretched canvas.. And to create a more romantic universe, think of fairytale-esque mosquito nets that are easily hung.

Veiling for cosy balconies4.Apartment Therapy / 5.Marie Claire Maison / 6. Ikea


-Bring the Arabian nights onto your balcony. To do this, simply multiply the light sources. Garlands, lanterns and candles will create a soft and warm atmosphere. Candles, lanterns and garlands on balconies7.Anders Bergstedt / 8.Ikea


-A poetic balcony cannot exist without vegetation. Turn the space into a lush garden that will plunge your travellers into a change of scenery and take them out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Vegetation on balconies9.Leroy Merlin / 10.Balcoon


-Inspire idleness with a hammock or swinging chair, these elements will most certainly strengthen the holiday atmosphere.

Hammock and swinging chairs on balconies11.Arthur Ghilini / 12.Jenya Lykasova / 13.The Style Files


-To finish, do not forget to accessorize. With a Buddha statuette for a zen note for example, a nice round tray for a fruit basket, cocktail glasses or tea service, a woven basket which will include a fleecy throw for cooler evenings, a small garden fountain ...

Decoration accessories on cosy balconies14.Apartment Therapy / 15.Ikea


This dream space on balconies will contribute to the well-being of your travellers and will increase in general the quality of their stay in your home.


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