Dressing the walls is an undeniable way to bring style to an interior. Several decorative solutions are available to you, the most common being paint, wallpaper, stickers and brick. Today, discover how to bring elegance to your rental by personalizing a wall with paint and masking tape. You will create a trompe l'oeil wallpaper effect with linear motifs. Here, grey tones have been used, but you can of course opt for other colours. Here are the steps of this DIY wall decoration, which although it requires a little patience, will provoke a "wow" from your travellers...


DIY Steps

DIY steps to decorating a wall with making tape and paint©CB2


1. Proper preparation of the support base is essential. First, lightly sandpaper the wall. If you find hollow marks, apply a coating of smoothing filler, stick to the drying time and sand again. Then clean the wall and apply a coat of primer (also called undercoat). This will allow the paint to adhere better. Next, paint the wall with the colour of your choice, in this DIY example, it’s mouse grey. Apply two coats of colour, and wait 24 hours for the wall to thoroughly dry.


2. During the drying time, either on a computer or on paper, draw out the pattern, to scale of what you want to paint on your wall. Experiment with different widths of tape and spacing until you find a good balance.


3. Place the first strip of masking tape diagonally from top to bottom at an angle of 45 °. Wipe with a dry cloth to ensure that the tape sticks to the wall. Measure the spacing provided between the strips with a ruler and trace a few marks on the wall with a pencil. Apply the second strip in parallel following these marks. Repeat this as many times as necessary.


4. Using a square, draw a mark on the wall that will indicate where to place the first perpendicular strip. Then paste the others in parallel.


5. Continue making the pattern with the masking tape by playing on the perpendiculars and parallels, as well as the vertical and horizontal positions.


6. Apply two coats of paint on the wall; in the case of this DIY it’s a metallic grey. Remove the masking tape gently before the last coat of paint has finished drying. The result is amazing. A chic effect guaranteed to fit perfectly in an entrance, a living room, an office or even a bedroom!

DIY project with an optical illusion wallpaper with linear patterns


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