In the majority of rentals, the walls are painted white and the reasons for this are numerous: to increase brightness, accentuate the feeling of space, keep a neutral style ..., but very often also because large colour schemes are destabalizing. For example, once can feel quite indecisive when faced with a large range of colours or be afraid of growing weary of the chosen colour too quickly. Monochrome is usually the chosen safe bet for walls. Saying that, white wall most certainly does not have to mean a bland or boring interior. To give some pep to your decoration, all you have to do is add touches of colour. Here are some tricks for creating a shimmering atmosphere without having to repaint everything from floor to ceiling!

Decor8, colorful interiorDecor 8


Focus on textiles

Cushions and curtains are the best way to add colour. They can revitalize an interior with just two or three steps. You can play with patterns, bright colours, shades, and textural effects. A main advantage of textiles is that they can easily be changed at a whim for a whole new décor without breaking the bank.

Textiles with coloursMadura / 3 Suisses


Think about furniture

When avoiding painting the walls, we can add chairs, a sideboard, a sofa, shelves or other coloured furniture. Opt for pastel shades rather than overly flashy elements. And if you like DIY projects, don’t hesitate to customize some parts of your furniture, completely or partially, with a paint colour suitable for your décor. Of course be careful to avoid the total look.

Jake Curtis, colourful furnitureJake Curtis


Go for carpets

Boucherouite Berber carpets, Kilim, Persian, Oriental, Mexican, Gobi ... these are all ultra-trendy and their multi-coloured designs easily invigorate any interior. Use these in large formats or in juxtaposition.

Malty photographe, colourful rugMalty photographe


Spruce up the walls

Paintings, posters, reproductions, old adverts, photos, etc. are an effective way to bring a colorful and personalized note to your décor. Either choose a single piece that is quite large or make a composition of small pieces to dress up your white wall.

Litllebigbell/abeautifulmess, colourful paintingsLittle big bell / A Beautiful mess


Play with accessories

Lighting, vases, tableware, coat hooks, baskets ... are all small elements that can brighten a white monochrome interior. Flashy hues are allowed on small objects.

leroy merlin, colourful kitchen accessories Leroy Merlin


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