The sun is back and it’s time to soak it in and get some colour, but if there’s one thing that could ruin the return of summer, it’s faded teak garden furniture! Although very resistant to moisture and rot, this exotic wood deteriorates in time due to weather and UV exposure. When its surface layer dries, the wood fades and gradually takes on a greyish tinge which means you need to give your rental’s teak tables and chairs a little attention. With the arrival of good weather, there’s no better time to clean, renovate and restore your teak to its original golden honey hue. Here are some tips and techniques for maintaining your teak furniture…


How to clean the teak garden furniture?

To preserve teak furniture’s original colour, you should clean and treat it twice a year: at the beginning of winter and early summer. Teak is a tropical hardwood and as such isn’t afraid of H2O. Simply wash it down with a bucket of soapy water. All that’s left to do now is scrub the wood with a soft sponge or brush! When using a brush make sure the bristles aren’t too hard to avoid prematurely aging the wood. For hard to reach places, an old toothbrush can prove very handy. Once you’ve washed the furniture, simply rinse and let dry. Using a high-pressure washer is not recommended as it can take off the wood’s smooth, protective top-layer. Saying that, if you need to use a pressure-washer, stand as far back as possible to reduce the impact.


Should you sand teak?

If there are stubborn stains or a persisting grey colour, it may be necessary to sand your furniture. Use a very fine grained sand-paper and gently sand the wood, making sure to follow the direction of the grooves to avoid generating any cracks.


Is it necessary to apply finishing oil?

Applying specialized teak oil is an indispensable part of caring for your teak furniture. The oil nurtures and cares for the timber so that the upper layer doesn’t dry out. Finishing oil also makes your furniture soft to the touch and gives it a satin finish. Apply the oil with a large paint brush or soft cotton rag. To test whether the wood has been sufficiently oiled, simply add a few drops of water. If the drops bead up on the surface; the wood is ready. Warning; do not replace teak oil with either linseed oil or wax as they are not adapted.


Finally, should teak furniture be varnished?

It is not advisable to varnish or stain teak; this would prevent the wood from breathing and would cause it to dry out.


Teak wood furnitre in the garden©Jardiland


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