The bedroom is arguably the room which requires the most attention in your rental; it must arouse the hearts of guests from the very advert and trigger a reservation. Hence, it is important to highlight it with a well thought out layout and purposeful decoration. The idea is to give it personality, to give it character, to create a unique atmosphere, and for that, it’s not necessary to spend thousands or even hundreds. You can bring style through upcycling. As recycling and DIY projects will always be trending, do not hesitate to repurpose old objects that are lying around in the garage, barn or attic. An old suitcase can become an original dresser, a palette turns into a mirror, a trunk, a cage, a ladder and a reel are used as a bedside table, an old door and windows are installed as a headboard, a rake or drift wood are used as a support for accessories and clothes... Play around with the endless possibilities when customizing and to inspire you, here are 12 upcycling ideas for a gorgeous bedroom


Create style with the old!

Old objects repurposed for decorating a bedroomOld objects used to decorate a bedroom with style1.Kara Rosenlud / 2.Alexsandra Wilson via Foter / 3.Etsy / 4.Avotakka / 5.HGTV / 6.Toolz / 7.Lisa pa Landet via Bonnier Fakta / 8.Etsy / 9.Etsy / 10.Life by mile / 11.Marty’s musings / 12.Ma maison blanche


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