If there is a colour that does wonders in decoration, it’s blue. And as it lightens to a sky blue tone, it will give a true breath of fresh air to your interiors. Long considered outdated, sky blue is back in force in interior decoration today. Both bright and soft, it trumps white as a base wall colour and creates a soothing atmosphere. In a rental, sky blue is welcomed for the touch of lightness it brings, but also for its colour, less likely to get dirty than white. Another advantage of sky blue is that it combines easily with all styles: industrial, bohemian, shabby, Scandinavian, countryside, vintage ..., the important thing is to pair it with the right colour to create the desired ambiance. So bring character to your interiors and discover the trending colours to combine with sky blue


Sky blue and black

Sky blue works very well with black as it creates high contrast. One of today’s favourite combinations will create an industrial spirit in the room or give it that oh-so-retro look.

Kitchen and bathroom with sky blue colours1.Pixcity / 2.Laurel Home


Sky blue and gold

As a cold colour, sky blue marries well with warmer golden tones. You can play with gold coloured accessories that will create a sophisticated atmosphere.

Bathroom and living room with sky blue colour on the walls3.Emily Henderson / 4.1stdibs


Sky blue and bright colours

Bright orange and pink fuchsia are colours that contrast dynamically with the softness of sky blue, the combination is therefore most successful. However, avoid combining yellow and blue as this duo is outdated.

Living rooms with sky blue walls and orange and pink furniture5.Homedit / 6.housebeautiful via Instagram / 7.Sugar & Cloth / 8.Design by us


Sky blue and vintage colours

Together with mustard yellow, coral red and olive green, sky blue is discreet and highlights the furniture to create a vintage interior, close at times to a bohemian style.

Sky blue walls in interiors with yellow, green and red furniture9.Plascon Trends / 10.Philippe Harden / 11.Tatertots & Jello / 12.Elle Decor / 13.Inside Closet


Sky blue and the spectrum

When combined with Pigeon blue or Navy blue, sky blue is very elegant and brings a touch of masculinity to the room.

Pigeon blue and navy blue with sky blue wall in a bedroom and an office14.Louise Desrosiers / 15.Little Greene


Sky blue and neutral tones

Beige, taupe and light grey diffuse a certain softness when associated with sky blue. With distressed furniture, the atmosphere becomes shabby and playing on wraparound textiles, the room takes on chic country tone.

Sky blue walls with a beige, taupe and grey decor16.Frog Hill Designs / 17.Robbie Caponetto


Sky blue and white

Let us not forget the inseparability of sky blue and white. Featuring lacquered materials, this efficient duo creates a modern interior and, combined with wood, reveals a Scandinavian style.

Two modern kitchens with lacquered materials and sky blue wallsTwo kitchens in a scandinavian style with blue sky walls18.Bigtime Design / 19.Riesco & Lapres / 20.Scandinavian Homes / 21.161°


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