Installed in the kitchen or bathroom, the washing machine and his sidekick the dryer can often be perceived as boring and mundane with their 100% white colour code. Thankfully there’s an easy to use DIY material to change up their look for under 10 euros: tape. Indeed, adhesive vinyl will soon become your customizing ally; it’s faster and easier to apply than paint and less expensive than stickers. Use a variety of tapes to revamp your washing machine, dryer or any other appliances in your rental. Electrical insulation tape comes in a diverse range of colours and widths, or you can cut customized patterns into a roll of vinyl, offering various effects such as cement, wood, metal and so on.

Before starting, make sure that the appliance’s surface is clean and dust-free. Then cut strips for horizontal or vertical stripes, squares or diamonds, peas or any other shape you wish. PVC adhesives can be removed in a jiffy, and generally without a trace. If there’s a little glue residue that’s hard to remove, simply wipe it with an alcohol (90 ° proof) or acetone soaked cloth and it’ll wipe right off. It’s your turn; allow your desires to reign free!

Washer and dryer DIY with black masking tape©East Coast Creative


Electrical insulating tape is available in supermarket DIY sections or directly in hardware stores.

Coloured electrical tape3M Electrical tape


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