Wicker or rattan, woven baskets are trendy and making their comeback in the home. Once used for the market, on picnics or at the beach, baskets are reinventing themselves in interior décor as economical and aesthetic storage solutions. Made from natural fibres, they blend with all styles, bringing at times an ethnic, bohemian or even Scandinavian spirit. No matter the decoration of your rental, they will integrate well in all rooms and will warm the atmosphere with their authenticity. You can place the woven baskets in the entrance so that your travellers have somewhere for their shoes, near the sofa to keep magazines, in the bedroom to store extra pillows, in the bathroom to put away towels or even use one as a dirty laundry basket ... These baskets can also be used as magnificent flower pots for plants and, in smaller versions, can be used on the shelves as storage boxes for accessories. In your interior décor incorporate the accumulation of baskets by playing on colours and shapes. Because there are so many models out there, you can find round, oval or square baskets. Striped, embroidered, or even pompons... You can even paint them in any colour you want. Here are 18 woven baskets that simply exude that summer feeling! So go on, get inspired!


18 wicker or rattan baskets

Woven baskets at the entrway and with plantsWoven baskets in the bedroomWoven baskets in the bathroomWoven baskets used for storageWoven baskets for storage and in an office1.Christopher Sturman / 2.The Little Book of Secrets / 3.Garden Trading / 4.Design Sponge / 5.Nina Store / 6.My Paradissi / 7.Paulina Arcklin / 8.Savor Home / 9.Home Life / 10.Marius Aurenti / 11.A place for everything / 12.Encore une minute / 13.Simons / 14.Garden Trading / 15.Le Petit florilège / 16.Ikea / 17.Ikea / 18.Maisons du monde


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