If your rental has an outdoor space, then perhaps you have some white plastic (PVC or resin) garden furniture. Over the years, you’ve probably noticed that they tarnish and lose their sheen. Subject to weather and pollution, this type of furniture becomes grey and stained. So, how can you renovate it? Easy! With natural products, you can clean it up and restore its original shine and whiteness. Here are some easy to implement and inexpensive tips to give your table, chairs and other plastic furniture a new youth...


Cleaning garden furniture

-Soapy water and white vinegar. In a bucket of warm water, add white vinegar and Marseille soap chips which is a biodegradable cleaner. Allow the soap to dissolve for two to three minutes and then stir. You can now clean the furniture with a sponge, making sure not to use the abrasive side which can cause scratches. To reach dirt in tight corners or in and around wicker layers, an old toothbrush can be very useful. Rinse with a water jet and dry with a towel or soft cloth.

-Argyle stone. 100% eco-friendly, white argyle easily cleans without abrasion. Rub a damp sponge on the stone and use it to clean plastic surfaces. Rinse with fresh water and wipe dry.


For dirt-encrusted furniture

-Soda bicarbonate or soda ash. For stubborn stains, add about a handful per litre of soda bicarbonate (baking soda) or soda ash to the white vinegar and warm soapy water mix. Clean with a sponge, rinse with a hose and wipe down as soon as possible with an absorbent towel.

-Oven cleaner. If the furniture is very dirty, use an oven cleaner. Spray it on and let it sit for ten minutes. Scrub the stains, rinse thoroughly and dry off.


Whitening garden furniture

To return your furniture to its original whiteness, soak a cloth in hydrogen peroxide, scrub the plastic with it, rinse and dry off.


Polishing furniture

Many products promising to restore radiance to plastic garden furniture are available in the cleaning aisles. However, if you prefer using natural products, then eggs will do the trick! Beat egg whites until fluffy and apply to the surface using a paint brush. Let sit for thirty minutes, then directly polish with a soft cloth without rinsing. Baby cleansing milk is also an effective way to protect furniture and make it shine.


There are probably other old home-remedies, but keep in mind that you should never clean plastic garden furniture (resin or PVC) with bleach at the risk of seeing ugly black spots appear when exposed to the sun.

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