If your rental has a balcony, take advantage and turn it into a lounge area. The lounge atmosphere, stemming from bars and restaurants, combines modernity and sobriety in a relaxed and soothing atmosphere. Guests can unwind and enjoy beautiful evenings outdoors. So how can you bring the lounge style to a balcony or terrace? The idea is to create a cosy living area low to the ground. Install wide seats with a sofa, armchairs, mattress, fireside chair or poufs, a multitude of soft cushions, install a carpet and add small round tables. Decorate with suspending or climbing green plants. Hang light garlands or place lights with dimmers for an intimate atmosphere. And to fine-tune the whole, arrange the rugs. It will be impossible to resist the call of the balcony! By playing on colours, textiles and materials (rattan, wooden pallets, resin ...), you can create an exterior lounge in a bohemian, Riviera, romantic, chic, country, hippie or pastoral style... To inspire you, here are a few lounge balconies that’ll make you want to sink right in!


12 lounge style balconies

6 balconies in a lounge style6 balconies with a lounge style1.Better Homes and Gardens / 2.Zszywka / 3.Mod Max Glam / 4.Homesthetics / 5.Un Vergel en la ciudad / 6.Design art house / 7.Ibe Beach / 8.View of Carla / 9.HGTV / 10.Pallet wood project / 11.Patio productions / 12.The Everygirl


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