• A Luminous Decor!

    Bring a touch of elegance to your interior for the New Year thanks to LED garlands that sparkle under glass. Inspiration…


  • A Naturally Chic Christmas Tree

    Make a wall-mounted Christmas tree with old wooden branches or driftwood to bring a warm touch to your home during the holidays.


  • A Home-Made Wreath

    To give your rental a festive touch, make a one of a kind Christmas wreath using ornament balls. A fast and simple DIY, for proof...


  • Branch out your Décor

    Create a natural and Zen decoration with simple wooden branches. An original and low budget way to give your space a stylish touch. Here are 15 ideas...


  • Renovate your Counter Tops

    Is your kitchen work top worn down or old fashioned? No need to replace it, you can simply cover it with a new coating. Here are 7 ideas for restoring counter tops.


  • A Low-Budget Coffee Table

    For a living room coffee table that combines design and low budget (less than 20 euros!), opt for an Ikea hack. Here is a fast and easy DIY tutorial...


  • Painted Illusions

    Brighten your interiors with just a few strokes of paint! Discover 20 inspiring ideas for using colour to bring originality to your rental…


  • A Mikado Coat Rack!

    The coat rack is a key element to create a welcoming entrance; it must be practical, but also stylish. Here is a DIY for a trendy coat rack, the ‘Mikado’ way...


  • 10 Upcycled Vanity Units

    To personalize your bathroom and save on the purchase of a vanity unit, consider diverting old family furniture or work desks. Here are 10 ideas...


  • Sewing Machine Repurposed

    Feel free to take out the old sewing machine table and turn it into a decorative element in your home. Here are 12 ideas for repurposing...


  • A Loft-Style Window Mirror

    If you can’t install a skylight in your rental, why not create an industrial loft-style mirror? It will become a strong decorative element for your space. DIY tutorial...


  • Home-Made Lanterns

    To beautifully decorate your rental’s outdoor space, one idea is to create lanterns out of simple condiment cans. Here are the DIY steps…


  • Upside Down Frames

    Bring a touch of originality to your rental by decorating the ceiling with frames. Here are the steps to recreate this easy, low-budget and bold DIY!


  • 10 Furniture Pieces to Hunt for

    To bring an authentic and vintage touch to your rental, walk through every aisle in garage sales and flea markets. Here are 10 trendy items to hunt for!


  • A Fenced Interior!

    A strong material and popular in the upcycle and DIY trends, chicken wire brings an undeniable charm to any interior style. How to use it in your décor?


  • A Sweet Smelling Bathroom

    No more bad smells in the bathroom thanks to 100% natural tricks and very effective grandmother recipes to keep your water closet smelling fresh and clean!


  • Revamp Your Plastic Furniture

    Do not replace your plastic garden furniture if it is tarnished or yellowed; give it a new youth by repainting it... Here are two methods for making it colourful!


  • An Original Clothes Rack

    How to create a practical and original wardrobe area in a small space? Here is an Ikea hack that is both easy and fast to achieve with a simple Ekby bracket…


  • Painting a Chair!

    Did you know you can give an old chair a second chance by painting the fabric directly? Here are the DIY steps to using acrylic paint and textile medium to give a makeover...


  • Adhesive Backsplash: its Assets

    To give your kitchen that much needed makeover, opt for adhesives! They are quick and easy to install as well as being resistant, easy to maintain and decorative!