If your kitchen’s backsplash is damaged or just a bit dated, you can easily give it a fresh new makeover. For the simplest update, consider choosing an adhesive wall covering. Indeed, self-adhesive backsplashes are a perfect option for rentals, there are only positives. Here are 5 things that prove it…

Adhesive wall covering from QuadrostyleQuadroStyle


1. It is easy and quick to install

Adhesive backsplashes make novice do-it-yourselfers happy because they are quick and easy to implement. No need to engage in heavy work or break off the already existing tiles above the worktop, self-adhesive backsplashes can be placed directly onto your current wall. It’s also incredibly fast to put up. The first step is to clean and de-grease your backsplash and ensure that it is fully dry so that the adhesive can properly adhere to the wall. The next step is to cut the new backsplash to your desired dimensions with a box cutter and remove the film from behind before placing it on the wall. The whole thing can be done in just a few minutes without using glue or generating any dust!


2. It brings a decorative touch

Adhesive backsplashes give your kitchen an easily makeover while adding a certain cachet to the room. Brands compete creatively to offer original and trendy adhesive models and imitation materials that often feel more real than the real thing. So you can decorate the wall with a cement-style or subway tile sticker. The choices are numerous, you can choose to go for marble, wood, metal or natural stone to add an either modern or retro touch. The best part is that self-adhesive backsplashes are easy to remove and won’t damage the underlying wall so you change it out whenever you feel like giving your kitchen a new décor.


3. It is affordable

One of the main attractions of the adhesive backsplash is that it is relatively economical. When your property is a rental it’s often not recommended to invest in the highest quality materials unless your property is being rented to a high-end market. Because of this, it’s not necessary to invest for example in cement tiles that although they are very trendy, can be quite costly. Instead you could opt for a cement style adhesive backsplash at a much lower cost. And if the backsplash were to be damaged by unscrupulous tenants, it’ll be less of a blow and cheaper to replace than the real thing.


4. It is resistant

Adhesive backsplashes have really improved in recent years and their quality has reached a point where they are strong enough for the kitchen. Designed to withstand moisture, water and grease splashes as well as the heat that emanates from the cooktop they are durable and long-lasting.


5. Maintenance is easy

The adhesive splashback is easy to clean with a sponge and warm, soapy water. Aggressive products and the abrasive side of a sponge are not recommended.


Now that you are convinced of the advantages of adhesive tiling, all you have to do is choose the style you like! Here are a few examples to spark your inspiration…



Decorative adhesive wall covering in the kitchenAdhesive backsplash in ciment tiles styleAdhesive backsplash from 99deco1.QuadroStyle / 2-3-4-7.Smart Tiles / 5.Bleucoin / 6.AdesiviMurali / 8.Creatisto / 9.Le Grand cirque / 10-11-12.99 déco


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