Take advantage of a stroll in the forest to add a unique and eco-friendly Christmas decoration to your interior, one that is both elegant and inexpensive! Branches, fir, pine cones, bark… nature is full of surprises and your Airbnb & co. guests are sure to be delighted!

Small black stars on a branch for christmas decoration© Lekker Fris - Miranda Lugtenburg


  • A nice wreath made of Larch branches

Christmas decoration with larch branches© Vibeke Conception


  • Little Christmas trees cut from bark and hung up with a string

Christmas decoration from bark© Noralill


  • Branches acting as Christmas trees with little decorations and ornaments

Christmas decorations with branches© Post Road Vintage / homedit


  • Pine cones around a mason jar turned tea light or dead branches arranged in the shape of a star

Christmas decorations with pine cones and dead branches© Nelly Vintage Home / Rosaliga


Now let your creativity take over, but most importantly, happy holidays!


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