Invented by the designer Justina Blakeney, the term jungalow has now become a decoration style in its own right. As the name suggests, it is a mix of jungle and bungalow, with an added boho touch. This is far from the minimalist, refined atmosphere of a Nordic ambience! Jungalow is a lively, creative and joyful style and its eco-friendly vibe and low budget are ever so seductive. What does it consist of? Mismatched furniture, exotic prints, ethnic textiles, crafted objects, travel souvenirs, and luxuriant plants. The idea is to avoid standardized decoration and rather accentuate the differences, while ensuring harmony and not falling into excess. To guide you in creating a jungalow interior in your rental, here are the 5 key elements to consider...


Eclectic furniture

The charm of the jungalow style lies in the mismatched furniture. You can match rustic, modern or any style furniture. Dare to upcycle dressers, chests of drawers and wooden cabinets that you can easily customize with a DIY coat of paint in pastel shades or warm colours. Finally, add a few pieces of bamboo, rattan or wicker furniture to bring a little nature indoors.

Eclectic furniture with pink buffet and rattan chairEclectic furniture in home decor1.Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow / 2.Oh dear drea / 3.Adam Pogue / 4.Insieme House


Exotic prints

The jungalow style loves exoticism, especially when it comes to tropical patterns. You can add patterned wallpaper with palm trees, banana trees or large leaves for example. Use with caution though and only cover one wall so as to avoid an overdose! Think of accentuating textiles such as cushions or curtains that welcome these types of prints.

Wallpaper with exotic prints5./6./7.Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow


Ethnic carpets

The carpet is a key element of this jungalow décor. Choose several rugs with ethnic patterns for the floor, you can even layer them or hang them on the walls to create a decorative element. Choose cushion covers with ethnic prints and dare to mix and match patterns and cultures as long as they remain within the same colour tones.

Ethnic rugs on floor and wallEthnic textiles : cushions, plaid...8./9./10./11.Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow


Decorative accessories

Objects unearthed during car-boot or garage sales, travel souvenirs and unique handmade objects are favoured in the creation of a jungle ambiance. Here diversity is key. To highlight these fun objects, combine them in a cabinet and create your very own cabinet of curiosities that will delight and entertain your guests. Choose them according to your own tastes so that they bring a personal touch to your rental.

Decorative accessories: crafted objects, travel souvenirs...12. Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow / 13.Oh dear drea


Lush Plants

The last ingredient for a successful jungalow interior is green plants! The idea is to vary the models: cacti, succulents, climbing, tropical ..., play on the sizes with small and large leaves, as well as different heights, then place the pots both on the ground and in suspension to create a dynamic feel. Choose low-maintenance plants for your rental, to keep things as easy as possible. With all this green around, you’ll definitely get the desired jungle effect!

Lush plants in interiorsLush plants in homes14./15./16.Justina Blakeney, The Jungalow / 17.Insieme House / 18.Oh dear drea


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