Need a coffee table for your living room? The choice of models is so vast ... and all too often it’s the designer tables that really make us lust. But then we look at the price tag, we hesitate to drop the bucks on a table that will be furnishing a seasonal rental. What if it gets damaged? Fortunately, there are solutions to reconcile aesthetics and a low-budget through Ikea hacks. This is a question of making yourself a trendy coffee table using elements bought in the Swedish brand megastore. This project is easy, even for DIY novices as well as being quick to complete… all this while boasting a cost of under 20 euros! Tutorial…

DIYed coffee table for under 20 euros, Bidouilles IkeaBidouilles Ikea


Ikea hack: a cheap yet trendy table

-First thing is to purchase the materials. From Ikea, buy a Frosta stool and a Linnmon tray in black or white. The Frosta is a stool made of plywood and is sold for 9.99 euros. The Linnmon tray is fireboard and available in several sizes. Here we have chosen to use the 100 x 60 cm model which is priced at 9.50 euros.

Diy coffee table, Bidouilles IkeaBidouilles Ikea


-The construction is now quite simple. On the back of the tray, screw a stool leg into each corner. Be sure to position them at the same distance from the angle on each side. To help you be precise, don’t hesitate to bring a ruler and a pencil to pre-mark where the screws will go. Turn the whole thing over and voila! You now have a designer table for under 20 euros!


-The advantage of this coffee table is that it can be customized to fit your living room’s décor. You can for example paint the table legs any colour you wish. In this case, it is recommended to lightly sand the legs with fine grade sandpaper and then apply a coat of primer (aka undercoat) before applying the colour itself. This will allow the paint to adhere better. The tray can also be repainted, but you can simply cover it with an adhesive vinyl coating; coloured or marbled for example.

Coffee table from an Ikea hack, Bidouilles IkeaBidouilles Ikea


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