Simple, chic and refined, marble is making a comeback and has established itself as the trendy décor material of this winter season. Adding its black and white swirls and veins to your interior, marble is reinventing itself with its semblance on wallpaper, laptop covers, fabrics, and manifesting itself in table art, lamps, and subtle accessories. You too should give in to this mineral and add it to your home in small doses – the “marble everything” phase having become a major décor faux pas! It’ll add sophistication and elegance, and goes well with wood, leather or metal. Take a look…

Home accessories in marble material 1Sources : 1.H&M / 2.delamaison / 3.Fleux / 4.AM.PM / 5.Zara Home / 6.Habitat

Home accessories in marble material 2Sources : 1.Urban outfitters / 2.Amazon / 3.Maisons du monde / 4.La Redoute / 5.uaredesign / 6.H&M

Wallpaper with marble pattern© Castorama