A bathroom in the attic has an automatic cachet and character, but it does need to be functional with sufficient storage space for towels and other beauty products. Sloping walls generally complicate its layout, and with such small spaces under the rafters it’s imperative to use each little area with purpose and ingenuity. So, how can you create optimal storage space for your bathroom under the roof?


Opt for low furniture

The area with the most overhead space is usually the intended location for the shower as well as the washbasin and vanity or mirror. With this in mind you should focus on low furniture that you can place under the lower lying beams. Give preference to hanging shelves and racks as they will help visually enlarge the room. Oh, and a great trick for keeping furniture costs down is to opt for kitchen cabinet style drawers, they are usually sleek and will prove incredibly practical for easy access to toiletries. Finally, depending on your budget and the configuration of the bathroom, you can hire a professional to create custom storage and optimize each square centimetre with style.

Bathroom in attic from Atlantic bainAtlantic Bain


Another idea to gain both space and storage is to install a bench or even build one yourself. It can be covered with water-repellent wood; suitable for damp rooms, or even cement tiles, mosaics, waxed concrete; materials that are all timelessly trendy in interior décor. This bench can hide baskets and boxes underneath it for organizing and storing your belongings.

Bench in attic bathroomsArchzine / Leroy Merlin


Exploiting every niche and corner

Do not neglect the corners, because with simple shelves, they can be transformed into practical storage spaces to keep bathroom products easily and readily accessible. You can have either open faced shelves or have a cabinet door custom made to fit your corner’s dimensions.

Niche and corner space for storage in attic bathroomsLeroy Merlin


Install sliding cabinets

To increase storage capacity, take advantage of the very low-lying areas by installing cabinets with sliding doors. These closed doors will conceal things like linens and towels as well as any pipping that might be left visible, creating a clean and sleek feel. Special kits for building attic cupboards can be found in most DIY superstores.

Sliding doors in an attic bathroomDe Hazelaar


Making a work space

If you have the soul of a handyman, you can create a work space in the low lying enclaves of your attic. You can store various bathroom items on it, but also create a laundry area. Indeed, the worktop can house a washing machine underneath leaving the surface free for folding, ironing and organizing.

Work space in an attic bathroomLeroy Merlin


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