• Branch out your Décor

    Create a natural and Zen decoration with simple wooden branches. An original and low budget way to give your space a stylish touch. Here are 15 ideas...


  • Storage in the Attic

    Use every square centimetre of your attic to create extra storage space, there is never too much! Here's how to create storage under the mansard...


  • An Original Clothes Rack

    How to create a practical and original wardrobe area in a small space? Here is an Ikea hack that is both easy and fast to achieve with a simple Ekby bracket…


  • Storage in Attic Bathrooms

    Although an attic bathroom has automatic charm, it also needs careful furnishing for storage space. Here are ideas for organizing the bathroom under the roof...


  • Stylish Clothing Racks

    If your rental’s bedroom doesn’t have a walk-in closet or dresser, install clothing racks. They can be both functional and original. Get inspired with these 7 DIY projects...


  • Preparing the Bathroom

    Guests expect a clean, but simultaneously warm and functional bathroom. Here is a guide to help you prepare it, and not forget anything, before they check-in.


  • A Functional Laundry Room

    Discover organization and decoration tips for a clever and functional laundry room. It will make easier the routine of washing and ironing linen between two rental periods.


  • Optimized Kitchen Cupboards

    Save space in cupboards and drawers with storage solutions that will prove to be both functional and ingenious. Here are 15 tips to organize your kitchen...


  • Save Space in The Kitchen

    7 clever ideas for saving space in a small kitchen and making it functional. Optimize every nook and cranny to better welcome your travellers.


  • Upcycle That Old Door

    Turn an old wooden door into a decorative and functional object, and bring a charming element to your rental. Here are 26 original ideas...


  • Bring Your Corridors to Life

    Corridors are often neglected, yet these places of passage can become decorative and functional spaces, bringing a unique touch to your rental.


  • A Feng Shui Bedroom

    Make your rental’s bedroom a haven of rest for your travellers thanks to feng shui. Here are 9 key principles to plan and arrange your space...


  • Recouping and Recycling Rakes

    Upcycle an old garden rake and integrate it into your home. Give your rental both that trendy vintage touch while maintaining functionality. Here are 12 ideas…


  • New Steps

    By upcycling an old ladder, you can turn it into a truly decorative element giving your rental an undeniably original and creative touch.


  • A 'Spacious' Small Bathroom

    To make sure your rental’s small bathroom offers all that of a bigger one, turn it into a functional and relaxing space using these tips and tricks.


  • Don't Lose the Thread

    Organize and store cables, and electrical appliance cords in the house thanks to toilet paper rolls. An easy, free, and eco-friendly DIY project!


  • Second Life For Mason Jars

    Is your rental lacking storage space? Create your very own elegant and functional wall mount using pots or mason jars and a wooden board. Tutorial…


  • A More Spacious Bedroom

    If your rental’s bedroom is small, enlarge it using decorative tricks that are bound to add virtual m2 to your space. Discover how…


  • Partitioning Without a Wall

    Sometimes it is necessary to visually isolate the bedroom from the living room to give it an element of privacy. Here are 15 removable partitions easy to install…


  • The Versatile Perforated Panel

    Inexpensive and versatile, perforated panels are finding their way into homes to sort, organize and store items. Super practical and decorative.